Emerald foundation Limited (EFL) Information

    Population is growing everyday in the metropolis without in inch extension of land. Tremendous pressure is on this land for the housing of the growing populace. New houses are built everyday but the problem remains problem. Within the next few years Dhaka is becoming one of the mega cities of south Asia. With the rapid growth of population & the development of capital market, a remarkable development of Real Estate Sector has been achieved during the years through the private sector. Today, more than 240 developers are active in the market. As a matter of fact, these developers are mainly concentrating in Dhaka city as because housing problem here is much worse than other cities. Like developed countries apartment culture has been accepted as a reasonable solution of house in Dhaka city now days. Despite putting their strong effort to serve the lagged group of clients there is clear existence of supply-demand gap. I. e. demand is higher that supply. This means that more apartment complexes should be built to meet6 the demand of the market. 

    With the passage of time the test of people is changing. They all are seeking sound and safe living. A quiet, hassle free living space as well as with all the living support near the living space is being a basic needs of people. Such an orchestration is not that easy as it is dreamt of. Then comes the idea of multi-storey building as a blessing to the city-dwellers. Now apartment living is popularized concept. Inspired by the same idea EFL stared its journey on July 01, 2007 with the intention to take care of the housing needs in the future Mega City.

    A mother is the home of a pre-born child. So the home concept is rooted in very existence of human kind. Home is not only a blend of stone, brick and concrete but also a part of ones dream, future, remembrance and security. People have always dreamt of a home having all modern facilities, in a healthy environment, free from noise & chaos of city life. EFL is bond create home to fulfill the dream. 

    EFL always focuses on establishing long term mutually beneficial relationship with its valued clients, prospects, landowners, patrons and business associates through quality, commitment, legendary living concept with their professionalism.

    The company is unique blend of professionals of technical & management expertise: Engineers, Architects, Accountants, & Financial Analysts, etc. The management of EFL is committed to its goal. Each of Directors of the Board exposure to this field which has helped to develop expertise in both technical and management has been prioritizing on the development of its human resources, as this is a very critical element for an organization. The management also puts greater emphasis on developing professionalism so it can best meet the needs of its clients satisfactorily. To make it work the requirement & selection of its human resource is made very carefully.

    It will not be said too much that the company has already been able to achieve positive feedback from all corners. EFL continuing it three project and will be start the construction of more seven projects within the end of 2008. This is certainly a remarkable achievement and may be remained as a rare instance in this field. This success boosts the inspiration and gives the EFL go for bright future with strength and power of dignity.



Board of Directors

Chairman : Nasim Jahan. Playing major role in financial transaction of the company.

Vice Chairman : Soniya Jesmin Panna (MA) involved in finance and part of Admin.

Managing Director : Md. Safiuzzaman (MA), M. A. from university of Dhaka and completed honors in law, strongly specialized as legal advisor for land and other as a project development Department head, having in depth exposure in Development sector, involved to plan company activities, policy, guide all the department to execute the plan & Program in efficient manner. Exposure 0f 25 years in Construction Sector. Playing major part of Admin, Project Development and Finance of the company.

Contact phone numbers :
Office : (02)-9102216, 9102398, 9102154, 9101316.

Deputy Managing Director : Md. Zohurul Islam Prince, Masters in management, Exposure 0f 7 years in Real Estate Sector & clear interpretation of Modern building construction ideas. Earlier to start this Business he worked with different leading Real Estate companies of Bangladesh. Playing major part of Admin, Project Development and Purchase Department as an Admin & Purchase Department head of the company. Also involved in marketing and procurement system in the EFL etc.

Contact phone numbers:
Office : (02)-9102216, 9102398, 9102154, 9101316.

Executive Director : Abdullah Mohammad Shukrana (B.Sc. in EEE), handle the marketing and all Electrical related function that’s deals the company Admin.

Contact phone numbers:
Office : (02)-9102216, 9102398, 9102154, 9101316.
Mobile : 01913844966.

Finance Director : Abu Nurul Kabir (Mechanical Engineer), Plays role of financial strength.

Contact phone numbers:

Office : (02)-9102216, 9102398, 9102154, 9101316.

Technical Director : Samia Nargis (B.Sc. & M. Sc. in CSE), playing the major role for technical section & MIS Department as a department head.

Contact phone numbers:
Office : (02)-9102216, 9102398, 9102154, 9101316.
Mobile : 01715-732217


Human Resources

The greatest emphasis EFL puts in the selection & development of its human resources. Employees have been screened from different professionalism & academic backgrounds : Engineering. Accounting, Finance, MBA, etc. EFL plans to develop skills & professionalism among its team to meet the growing needs & wants of its clients of the 21st Century and take the challenge of the coming competitive environment. Employees have been placed in different departments according to their academic qualification, experience, willingness and ability. Below is the brief depiction of present human resources of EFL as set department wise.


Associated Support Hands

Structural Consultant & Architectural Consultant:

(i) Engineer Saiful Islam.
Space Design & Development.
Porbota Tower, Mirpur-10, Dhaka

(ii) Engineer Allok Kumar.
Structural & Design Consultant.

Legal Adviser :

(i) Newaz Nahid Consulting
House# SWB19(1st floor),
Road#8, Gulshan#1,

(ii) Advocate Anup Kumar,
Bangladesh Supreem Coart.

Banker :

(i) National Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
Karwran Bazar Banch. Dhaka

(ii) Export Import Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
Elephant Road Branch, Dhaka.

(iii) Marcantile Bank Ltd.
Dhanmondi Branch, Dhaka.


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